Waging war on the agency model. Helping DMOs, Hospitality and B2B organizations.

Among other proud accomplishments, I’m best known as the person who ushered in the Internet age for Hospitality and Tourism clients. I create demand for my clients. No "tricks", no "guru", just a proven track record. ~29+ years, Advertising + Digital Strategy ~29 years, Hospitality + Destination Marketing ~18 years, Corporate, SMB, Start-up + Enterprise Business Strategy + Advertising Obligatory "Professional Bio": Barbee has a long track record for creating tremendous growth with her unique strategy and style. Having been one of the most decorated tech executives in the Tourism & Marketing Industry, she taps into her history of unwavering dedication to win for every client, every time. In addition to running two extremely successful digital branding agencies (President of USDM.net & CEO of JB Inc.), she has been named Stevie® Female Entrepreneur of 2013, 2014 in Advertising/Media/PR (U.S. and Europe), ranked #17 in StartUp Nation’s® Top 100 Moms in Business (U.S.) and has represented some of the country’s leading brands, affectionately dubbing her the "dot com diva" and the "Harvard of Internet and Travel". Her clientele has included Saatchi & Saatchi, Walt Disney, the PGA, U.S. Department of Commerce, Las Vegas, Miami, NYC, 14 Governor Offices and over 400 other travel and corporate clients during her 20+ years in the field. She has been quoted for her shockingly accurate web prognostications in AdAge, NY Times and the AP. Blazing trails in digital marketing, Barbee boasts revolutionary firsts for her clients, including the first inbound campaign for the United States, the first personality-driven travel site and a social media case study touted by Facebook Business.

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