Are you waiting to live?

I was thinking a little about those people, you know the ones, that are waiting to talk?  Why is that so annoying to us as humans?

It’s the lack of being present.

We know they are working their own agenda, and being present with us is not a priority.  They are waiting to talk.

I also think this is human nature, the need to be significant.  I would’t go so far as to say they are selfish.  They are just waiting.  We are all are, in some way.  When I’m coaching executives, it’s all about the goal digging.  “What do you want to be when you ‘grow up'” has become the standard icebreaker into the professional psyche.  The future holds more interest for some of us than the precious minutes that we are in.

So, are you waiting to live?  Have you avoided that decision in life that means “TODAY is the day”?  Are you waiting for a better tomorrow, more resources, more connections, more anything before you claim it and LIVE it today?  I don’t know what your “it” is, but I bet there’s one you have been waiting to do.

I implore you, dear reader, to evaluate (quickly! life is short) what you want out of this fragile, beautiful thing called life and make THE decision to do it.

Gather experiences.  



Start over.

The power of now beats the promise of tomorrow.

Claim your spot on this marble and be present in each and every piece of what you want.  As my good friend, Les Brown, says, “Don’t let other people’s opinion of you become your reality!”  You can be, today.  In your “future self”, does your new business have all the demand as an iPhone release?  Live that today.  Feel that RIGHT NOW.  Wish you had more budget to create a marketing campaign like Nike?  Do that now.  With a smartphone, with ingenuity, with the decision that the resources are not the problem.  Your mind is the problem.  Change it!

And, I could fill up this post with bumper sticker philosophy, it would not persuade you unless you are in the zone.  I got the news today that another one of my classmates passed away.  You do not have time to bargain with yourself.  If he had just one more day, how do you think he would spend it?  Waiting for the right conditions or with all the vigor and hubris of a teenager taking on the world?

I know that I have been guilty of suppressing joy, seeing friends, attacking that special, “locked away” dream for fear of making a wrong move.  Once I made the decision, albeit in my 40s, to live and not wait, my life became magic.

My wish for you is that you give yourself the gift of bravery.  Love and light to you all,