Business Coaching

As an Executive and Business coach, Jennifer helps companies and individuals through methodologies that gain business clarity, fosters performance and advises the client to a clear win with their goals.  Part business adviser, part goal therapist, Barbee uses her goal achieving methodology and signature motivational no-BS style to achieve break-through results with clients.
As the business environment becomes more complex, people will increasingly turn to coaches for help in understanding how to respond.
Just one chat with Jennifer’s radical, performance-enhancing approach delights and motivates her clients.  Routine feedback from JB clients:

“Talking to you means I don’t need coffee!  I’m fired up and ready to win.”
“You are a rare strategic thinker.  Complex issues seem like child’s play when I talk to you.”

Some clients prefer the answers are presented for them, that falls under the role of consulting.  For those who want to grow and add business case solutions to their arsenal, coaching advises on business matters from someone who has experienced and mastered similar problem solving.

The kind of business coach Jennifer is does more than influence behavior, she is an essential part of the leaders learning process in critical areas.
Unlike un-managed life coaches or business coaches with a “vanilla” purpose, Jennifer provides measurable KPI methodology for diagramming demonstrable results.  Though most business coaches can tell you their success anecdotally, Barbee can trace her influence back to profit and sales.

Prices for coaching with Jennifer:
$275, phone consultation, one hour
$1,000 half-day session, virtual
$5,000 half-day group session, in person