Jennifer Barbee

  Jennifer Barbee, CTC, NLPP is a strategist and futurist who challenges current marketing structures that don’t serve tomorrow’s communication needs.   As one CEO put it, “I am confident in saying, Jennifer Barbee doesn’t study the trends, she creates them.”   She is a nationally renowned Business Strategist, Martech expert, Speaker, Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner […]

Multisensory Marketing

More evidence that 2017 is the got damn future. If voice activated home robots, smartphones replacing desktops and shoes that monitor your health doesn’t convince you how fast trends adopt, allow me to shake your foundation again with the advent of multisensory marketing. No, you can’t smell that delicious food from the Tasty video, just […]

The Martech Unicorn

Martech (Marketing + Technology) is the “holy grail” of today’s marketing objectives. By 2020, over 90% of the world will make purchasing decisions solely on digital information. The question is, do you turn a marketing person into a technologist, or a technologist into a marketing person? Spoiler alert:  Neither.   In my humble opinion and […]