Motivation reality check.


Should is the antithesis of motivation.   How many times have you tried to get motivated by telling yourself you “should” do something?  I should rebuild my sales strategy.  I should develop an exit plan.  I should adopt new strategies to compete in a crowded marketplace.

Should is intrinsically linked to failure.  No one is motivated by what they “should” do.  It’s akin to eating vegetables.

No life, no motivation…just a big pile of shame.

You know what you need to do, what the next step needs to be.  How do you turn this around before the “should” hits the fan??

You change your dialogue from should to must.  You re-identify your standards to include this “thing” in your self-identification. Some examples:

“I am the kind of person who takes the risk for the bigger payoff”

“I always have a leg up on the competition.”

“I am the first to market on every value-add available to my clients”

“I don’t settle for status quo”

These self-identifying mantras shift from should to must, because it defines how you see yourself.  If we raise our standards, things stop being “optional”.  It’s who we are, it becomes part of our DNA.

To get unstuck in whatever your business challenges are, you have to eliminate the excuses and self-imposed limitations.  “I don’t  have the resources.” is an excuse.  Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource.

If you think self-talk has nothing to do with business success, then you are gullible, lazy and prone to losing.  Real talk.

Make a list of the things you have been saying “should” be done.  Go through the list and identify what impact there would be if these came to fruition.  I bet the results of this exercise help redefine your leadership style.  Try this:  just own the first three.  Those three “shoulds” become the story that defines you, your company and your sales strategy.  When you identify your own standards, turning “shoulds” into musts; you no longer accept excuses.

“Should never could and can’t never can.”

If you find that your “should” list isn’t imperative to success, then congratulations on mastering business improvement.  But, I bet you dollars to donuts, there’s growth opportunity.  Your 20% ROI could be 70%.  Your 70% occupancy could be 90%.  Your company could be the market leader.  You could have more leisure time.  You could sell your company for 10x valuation.

How you self-identify dictates your business success.  You know it, I know it.  I am just the little “goal digger” on your shoulder reminding  you that you want more, and you are making excuses.

Have a wonderful and prosperous week!!