Settle Down: Facebook was not hacked.

It’s all over the news. Panic has set in with advertisers. But, is it really something that will crater the social giant? Nope.

First off, there has long been a leakage of Facebook subscribers leaving. Sometimes because of information concern, sometimes because of fake news and errily targeting advertisiers.

The bad news:

Over 1 Million people just left Facebook.

The really bad news:

None of them were your Mom. 😛

Back to the story at hand. When you don’t manage your privacy settings or ad settings on Facebook, your behaviour and that of your friends (assuming they don’t manage their privacy settings either) can be used in targeting advertising and stories to your Facebook roll. When this info is used by political advertising to “fake” news and other opinion swaying tactics.. it’s treading the line of societal manipulation. THAT’S what this is all about. Someone VIOLATED Facebook terms of usage to manpulate through advertising. That’s why Cambridge Analytica is in so much touble. Guilt by association has caused “Satanic Panic” with Facebook as the target.

As an advertisier: Don’t panic. Make sure your advertising is creating value and not being creepy. The takeaway here, is social is not digital marketing and digital marketing is not social marketing. See my last pic post for comparisons.

As a user: If you don’t think you can control yourself from making your own opinions, then edit your ad settings. If you don’t want any advertiser to know anything about you, edit your privacy settings.

Remember, Facebook owns Instagram and that sucker is growing exponentially daily. You have to use Facebook Ad Manager to advertise there, as well.

Bottom Line: This isn’t as big of a deal as the “clickbait” headlines would leave you to believe. Be smart and advertise with integrity. And, it may be a good time to invest in Facebook stock 😉