I do love to work a stage and entertain the audience. Over the years, I’ve spoken to thousands of people on a variety of topics, from motivation to marketing.  In 2012, I was tapped by legendary motivator, Les Brown, and began a fruitful business relationship and friendship.  I’m no Les, but I am a straight-talking, sometimes funny, entertaining speaker who demystifies concepts for the participant.


Some of my popular topics are:

  • Industry:
    • 2020: The shift has hit the fan
    • The now and future of digital marketing
    • Industries of the Future and the human role
    • Big Data, Dumb Data: Demystifying the digits.
    • Communication Combat: Working in a crisis
    • But, I’m not a Millennial!: Killing it in social media at a certain age
  • Success/Motivation:
    • Kiss My Code: A program for women in tech.
    • The little talk of Big Questions: Professional motivation
    • Confessions of a Dot Com Diva: Building a career in a new industry
    • Passion to Profession
    • Dames who Disrupt: female nonconforming talk.

I am available for large or small groups, the honorarium works on a sliding scale and international events require business class accommodations. jennifer@jenniferbarbee.com