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There’s no doubt, I feel blessed in my career.  My personal passion project is empowering women in success and marketing coaching.  I am a big believer in creation of your life and profession.

I know that the “how” comes from curiosity, and the “why” comes from experience.

I train entrepreneurs and young women how to be a rebel marketer.

Here’s the thing, you may not see yourself as a rebel.  But, you are.  Marketing is really rebellion towards preconceived notions.  Makes sense, right?  Your end customer thinks X, but you need him to think Y.

I’m not suggesting that you take up arms to change hearts and minds, but you are definitely refusing to accept the standard, right?

Building your business with marketing is a science and an art.  Depending on which professional you speak with, some believe in a series of tested processes and some believe in a gut feeling, a canvas of the mind.  I tend to lean on both.  I need demonstrable evidence in delivery, demographics, and tactical applications.  Simultaneously, I need to know what’s cool, what’s in and what thought process has to change to create a insurgency and tip the scales for my client’s benefit.  I take great pride in being labeled a rebel, with a cause, of course.

It almost calls for rebel thinking in today’s cluttered communication channels.

 Our minds are numb from the overload of brand exposure, estimated at 20,000 brand impressions per day to the almost 12 hours daily media consumption in 2017.

Being a rebel, an insurgent, an interrupter is downright imperative now.  All marketing is rebellion:

  • Pre-roll video gives you 5 seconds to change their mind before numb consumer slaps “skip”.
  •  Soundbites shrink into minuscule opportunities via Social Media rolls, vids, pics and characters.
  • Traditional commercials are mirroring the “on demand” trends of iPTV.
  • Even the advertainment of Super Bowl commercials don’t drive sales, according to AdWeek, 4 out of 5 ad execs agree that they do not drive purchase decisions.
  • Discount re-marketing is brand damage.  You know how you check out that website that has that thing you “might” want, and then you notice a discount ad for that thing, literally, everywhere? Following a consumer around with a discount plea comes off as needy.  Re-marketing that changes your mind about purchasing the product is 10x more effective for sales, according to eMarketer.

Great success marketers think of their plight as a “campaign of chaos“, running an omnichannel approach to change minds and make the consumer feel she’ll be a better person, more popular, cooler, better looking and just happier by buying from you.

In my success training, I spend time helping students realize that their brand must beat others by doing one thing better than anyone else.  That one thing needs to be a painkiller.

Remember your last toothache? I’ve had 4 children and I’d rather have a 5th sideways over a toothache. Ouch! Notice the feeling you have when you’re in pain. You’d do just about anything to relieve it right?!? Whether you prefer homeopathic methods or go straight for the Vicodin cocktail, you NEED a pain killer.

Now, tell me the last time you bought vitamins. Hush up wellness freaks-this part is not for you. :-P. The theory goes, you are less likely to feel pressed to buy vitamins that may avoid problems. But, if in pain, will get that painkiller. Be a painkiller.

  1. Painkiller brands promise relief, and deliver in short doses.
  2. Painkiller brands are more valuable than the cash spent. You don’t have to be cheap, please don’t be. But, the client needs to leave feeling they should have paid twice as much for what they got.
  3. Painkiller brands relieve a specific need. Stress relief is the obvious relief spin for travel (if it’s only stress relief, sell that s*** like they’ll never have another problem), try and be more specific if you can. Americans thrive on stress as a badge of honor.
  4. Painkiller brands are ON TIME. Stop forcing un-targeted visitors to come Wed night to your limited service property when they have a job. Fish where AND when the fish are.
  5. Painkiller brands become staples to their buyers. If you and I were friends and I told you I had a migraine, chances are you would have a brand suggestion. We are loyal to our painkillers. We tell our friends and families when they are in need.

If the dog doesn’t like the dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter. Cultivate your  business as a true painkiller. This does threaten the “we are for everyone” milk toast brands. But, wouldn’t you rather increase your sales instead of useless impressions?

This is just a taste of my success philosophy.  I run workshops all over the country promoting success strategies for entrepreneurs.  Currently, my private coaching is full through 2017.  To be put on my waiting list, or inquire about a workshop for your organization, email me at