The Martech Unicorn

Martech (Marketing + Technology) is the “holy grail” of today’s marketing objectives.

By 2020, over 90% of the world will make purchasing decisions solely on digital information.

The question is, do you turn a marketing person into a technologist, or a technologist into a marketing person?

Spoiler alert:  Neither.


In my humble opinion and experience, you have to be forged in both…right from the start.

Left brain and right brain in a symphony of problem-solving.  I’ll admit, it irks me when I see MarTech recruiting with a print background.  Ok, so you get  what a bleed is and you understand paper weight, finishes and runs.  But, do you – when working on brand opportunities – know the music of digital response.  Do you know what can “Kill the click”, why advertising online today is more trustworthy than ever?

We might be unicorns, but there is a tribe of us (gen X) that have entire careers in technology and marketing, they are not a separate thing.  These two disciplines have never been divided for us.  We were there before Google, listing our clients on Yahoo! and Lycos.  We were in chat rooms before social media.  We were refining email campaigns when most of the addresses were

We were earning consumer trust one click at a time.

And here we are, battle-hardened and forged in bytes.  All hail to you, my brethren in martech arms.

xoxo, Jenn